Medical Equipment Rental - We Provide Care

Medical Equipment Rental - We Provide Care

Bathroom Safety

Bath Seat Rental

Raised Toilet Seat w. Arms

Bath Seat w. Back Rental

Bath Seat w. Back

Bath Seat Rental

Bath Seat no. Back

Tub Transfer Bench

Product DescriptionWeekly Rental           Monthly Rental         Deposit*
Bath Seat$15$30$30
Bath Seat w. Back$15$35$30
Tub Transfer Bench$20$35$50
Raised Toilet Seat w. Arms$20$35$30
Raised Toilet Seat no Arms$15$35$30
Toilet Safety Frame$15$35$30
Tub Grab Bar/Safety Rail$15$35
Powered Bath Lift$70$250$500

* Delivery Installation And Pick Up $70.

** Cleaning Fees $10 are a 1 time fee when required.

*** Deposit will be refunded when the items are returned.

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