Medical Equipment Rental - We Provide Care

Medical Equipment Rental - We Provide Care


Stationary Commodes Rental


Stationary Heavy Duty Commodes Rental


Commodes Wheeled Rental Edmonton

Shower chair and Commode

Commodes - Shower

Adjustable Shower chair and Commode

Rental Equipment Week Month Deposit
Stationary and Folding $15 $45 $60
Bariatric Commode $20 $60 $100
Deluxe Shower Commode with Wheels $30 $75 $120
Adjustable Shower Commode with Wheels $40 $150 $250

*Local delivery starts at $20.00 one-way

**For cleaning/disinfecting fees please inquire within. Pricing range $15.00 – $25.00

***Credit card required for rental deposit

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